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Pro Bike Setup

Full bike fit with custom insoles shaped to your foot

Service Description

To ensure optimum comfort on the bike, a proper fit is "a must". Having a proper setup will ensure that you are more comfortable on your bike and will you to perform at your best. During this session we measure: - Custom insoles from Sidas - Intake assessment (muscle balance and flexibility assessment) - Foot tilt, - Arch and foot analyses, - Expert cleat fit - Laser alignment (knee and shoe), - Dynamic 3D analysis - bilateral recording, - Saddle pressure mapping analysis, - Camera recordings and visuals (comparing before and after) to measure knee/hip/shoulder angles. - Detailed report and feedback, - Strength and flexibility exercises will be added to the report From the measurements, we can assist on advising on correct stem length, handlebar width, bike size.

Cancellation Policy

Please respect that we work on a booking system - so if you need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours before your session to allow others to make a booking in your cancelled space

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