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The Saddle Pressure Mapping Service is a specialized service that utilizes advanced technology to analyze and optimize saddle pressure distribution for cyclists. This service is designed for all types of cyclists, whether they are competitive athletes or recreational riders.

The service starts with a comprehensive assessment of the client's current saddle and bike setup. During this assessment, a trained specialist will gather important data on the client's cycling position, anatomical measurements, and riding style. This information is then used to create a customized pressure mapping protocol tailored to the client's specific needs.


Next, the client saddle is fitted with specialized pressure sensor sleeve. These sensors are capable of measuring the pressure distribution across the saddle and provide real-time feedback to the bike fitter.


Using this data, the bike fitter can make informed recommendations on saddle adjustments or changes, as well as, saddle type that will optimize the client's pressure distribution and improve overall comfort and performance on the bike. The bike fitter may also provide advice on other areas of the bike setup, such as handlebar position or pedal alignment, that can affect saddle pressure distribution. The bike fitter can also provide demo saddles to fit that allows the client to feel the difference. 


The Saddle Pressure Mapping Service provides numerous benefits for cyclists, including reduced discomfort and fatigue, improved performance, and decreased risk of injury. With the service, cyclists can ride longer, harder, and with greater confidence, knowing that their bike setup is optimized for their unique needs.


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