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Purchase NEW cycling shoes with fitting.

Foot analysis to ensure proper shoe fitting

Service Description

This service is mainly to purchase new shoes from us with the idea to take away any guessing or when you're not sure what size is optimal for you with an insole. Perfectly fitting cycling shoes are essential for comfort and optimal cycling. Shoes that do not fit properly often cause tingling, burning sensations, sleeping foot or toes and general pressure pain. During this session we measure: - Measure the foot length and width - Do a foot analysis - to determine foot type, foot position and if extra support is needed - Fit your new shoes that are stocked in cyclofitt - Cleat adjustment We work with QUOC,FIZIK and DMT . We have a wide range of their shoes in the studio for purchase. Although we stock a large range of sizes, if we don't have your size we can order it for you and thanks to our short delivery times we can ensure you get your shoes quite quickly. If the shoes are in stock - of course you take them with you immediately. When purchasing a pair of shoes, the €40 service charge will be deducted.

Cancellation Policy

Please respect that we work on a booking system - so if you need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours before your session to allow others to make a booking in your cancelled space

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